Saturday, November 22, 2014

The UN bans child marriage

The United Nation bans child marriage

The United Nations on Friday agreed towards the adoption of a resolution calling on governments to ban child marriages.

Some 15 million girls are married each year worldwide and more than 700 million young women are married off before the age of 18 years.

By 2050, if nothing is done to reverse this trend, some 1.2 billion girls are forcibly married, says the NGO Girls not Brides.

Niger, Bangladesh and India are the countries with the highest rate of child marriage.

The resolution submitted by Canada and Zambia called on states to enact laws to ban marriages of girls and link this fact to the problem of poverty and development.

The measure passed unanimously by the members of the Human Rights Commission of the General Assembly must be presented at next month's vote by the General Assembly.

On Friday, Britain, on behalf of a dozen countries, nevertheless regretted that the resolution does not address the problem of lack of sex education for young people.

"Providing sex education to teens and young girls in particular is used to provide the means to make responsible decisions, positive about their sexuality," said the British representative of the Commission.

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