Chimamanda Adichie disagrees with Buhari on Nigeria Governance

“He had an opportunity to make real reforms early on, to boldly reshape Nigeria’s path. He wasted it,”

The largest cities in Nigeria: ranked 1 to 10.

List of largest cities in Nigeria is different from the list of most loved cities in Nigeria

Ankara Dresses, Prints, Latest Fashion Trends

It started as a movement in Africa, Ankara, the African prints has become the latest fashion trends in the globe. Ankara Inspired by the locals and designers in Africa has become the next big thing. Osas eye brings you a collection of the best Ankara dresses

Who will bring back Nigeria’s lost girls?

If Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan can free the missing girls, he would have done it before now. He can't. He failed

African Clothing, Traditional Men's Fashion Styles

African wear continues to rock the fashion trend. From Nigeria to South Africa, Osas eye gives you look at some of the jaw dropping traditional wear by African designers for men

Friday, May 31, 2013

Nelson Mandela's life hangs by a thread

The health of former South African President Nelson Mandela hangs by a thread. His health is severe. The eldest daughter of Mandiba confirmed in an interview that former Mandela can hardly speak. He expresses himself through the touch of hands. South African government are fighting for Mandela's life with every possible medical resources, to keep him alive.
Nelson Mandela's health

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nigeria approves bill against gay marriage

Nigeria's parliament approved a bill that provides for sentences of up to 14 years imprisonment for marrying a person of the same sex, reported the news agency of the African country, "NAN".

Nigeria approves bill against gay marriage

"Marriage or civil union between persons of the same sex is not formalized in any place of worship, whether church or mosque, or anywhere in Nigeria," says the text adopted.

In addition, the standard provides for a sentence of 10 years imprisonment for "anyone who, directly or indirectly, show in public romantic relationships with people of the same sex," and "any person or group of persons to supervise, witness, protect or defend the formalization of gay marriages in Nigeria. "

In presenting the bill, Rep. Albert Sam-Nigerian Tsokwa said the intention is to seek "long-range goals" to outlaw gay marriage and punish those that are related to the practice.

In November 2011, the Nigerian Senate passed a bill which imposed the same penalties for those who were involved in these acts, but with some minor differences from the text approved by Parliament today.

The two chambers must now put themselves in agreement, through a joint committee, the final content of the bill will be sent to the Nigerian President for his approval.

Goodluck Jonathan's Scorecard Needs Works

After three years as president of Nigeria, theguardian released a scorecard of his governance and many Nigerians agree that his government has failed and needs works if he's to be re-elected for 2015. His overall scorecard according to many Nigerians stands at a 'C'

Goodluck Jonathan's Scorecard Needs Works
Goodluck Jonathan's Scorecard
Nigeria's economy has averaged an impressive 7% GDP sicne 2010. Fiscal policy is responsible. The country has a debt-to-GDP ratio of roughly 18% and a budget deficit of under 3%. This is hugely to the hardwork of finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, a former World Bank managing director. While the economy continues to grow, unemployment and poverty increases partly to no job creation. Nigerians gave him an A-

The administration has fruitless promises. The power cut is slowly getting better in some areas and we all must agree that it will take time. The government has privatized electricity supply and hopefully that will solve the dirt that has plagued Nigeria since birth. He does get a B here.

Road construction and Infrastructure remains a problem. I can't even talk about healthcare, Jonathan gets a Big F on healthcare.

Education is particularly problematic: tens of millions of Nigerians are illiterate. He refuses to work with rival party Governors like Edo State Governor who is doing better in Education transformation. He maintains his F grade from healthcare.

On security midst Boko Haram and the fight for Nigeria. He gets a B.

Overall, Jonathan's scorecard needs work. He has alot of catching up to do to have a shot at a second term coems 2015.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mourinho is Chelsea's manager

Former Real Madrid coach signed a four-year contract for 40 million pounds. According to the British media,The Sun, Jose Mourinho is the new coach of Chelsea. The Portuguese have have signed a contract for four years worth 40 millions of euros .

JOSE MOURINHO is Chelsea’s new boss

JOSE MOURINHO is Chelsea’s new boss 

"It's official Jose Mourinho is Chelsea again. within the club, players and fans are so happy your back, "the newspaper quoted English.

On Monday Mourinho visited Wembley to visit friends, but the real proósito the trip was stamped signature in the millionaire contract, according to the British newspaper.

It is expected that the first game of "Mou" is the pre-season friendly against Singha Thailand All Stars XI.

Chelsea have not officially confirmed the return of Mourinho.

Nigerian dilemma: the Unemployment problem and economy growth

A Nigerian dilemma in regards to the rising unemployment and the continuous growth in economy GDP. The Nigerian economist and Minister of Finance Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, has assured Nigerians that the economy remain strong in spite of the state of emergency declared last week by President Goodluck Jonathan in Yobe, Borno and Adamawa States. But unemployment is fast rising.

Nigerian dilemma: the Unemployment problem and economy growth

The Minister reported an economic growth at 6.5 per cent in Q1 2013 and foreign reserves standing at $48 billion, amongst other positive indices but no job creation was reported. What is the goverment doing to fix ongoing poverty and unemployment of Nigerians.? Nothing

“Although, the economy is said to have recorded a growth rate of about 7 per cent, it has created few or no jobs, leading to an all-time high unemployment records. Whereas official figures put unemployment rate at 24 per cent, there are indicators to believe that the actual estimate could be as high as 60 per cent or higher. Nearly all of our employable youths remain unemployed, constituting a veritable army of the hungry, disillusioned and angry with great potential for undermining the peace and security of the nation.”

“Critical infrastructure continue to decay just as power generation continues to dip. Government’s promises in the power sector, especially in power generation and distribution have been observed in the breach. Non-budgetary provision for power supply has worsened the power situation, in spite of unjustifiable high tariffs.”
Says the National Labour Congress president.

According to Omar, government still has a great role to play in fixing this Nigerian dilemma. It cannot afford the luxury of leaving the economy to market forces, as no reasonable government does that, he said. There must be an affirmative declaration by government to create jobs, he added.


Mother of Baby Flushed Down Toilet: 'It Was An Accident'

The mother of the newborn baby that was flushed down the toilet speaks out for the first time to the police. The single mother of 22 years and whose name is Weibo, admitted to the police two days after the rescue that she had given birth to the baby in secret because the father of the baby rejected the pregnancy. He had told her have an abortion which she refused because she had no money to pay.

Mother of Baby Flushed Down Toilet

Instead, she kept her pregnancy a secret, wearing baggy clothes and sticking the belly inside. Weibo claims that the child fell in the toilet by accident, when she gave birth. According to local media, the mother says it was the house-shared bathroom on the fourth floor of the building when she began to feel abdominal cramps, having given birth. The baby will have fallen down the drain and she could not do anything about it.

Authorities found bloody towels and toys in the room of the woman, who underwent a medical examination and confessed to having given birth to the child, known as "Baby 59."

Pujiang police confirmed that the case appears to be "an accident"

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Woolwich Killer: Family speaks out

The family of Woolwich killer Michael Adebolajo spoke last night in a statement released by Michael Adebolajo's parents Tana and Anthony Adebolajo.

Woolwich Killer: Family speaks out

 “Nothing we say can undo the events of last week.

“However, as a family, we wish to share with others our horror at the senseless killing of Lee Rigby and express our profound shame and distress that this has brought on our family.

“We send our heartfelt condolence to Lee Rigby’s family and loved ones.

“We wish to state openly that we believe that there is no place for violence in the name of religion or politics.

“We believe all right-thinking members of society share this view wherever they were born and whatever their religion and political beliefs.

“We wholeheartedly condemn all those who engage in acts of terror and fully reject any suggestion by them that religion or politics can justify this kind of violence.

“We unreservedly put our faith in the rule of law and with others fully expect that all the perpetrators will be brought to justice under the law of the land.

“And we pray for Lee Rigby’s soul to rest in peace, for the Lord to comfort his parents and loved ones and provide all of us affected the strength and fortitude to cope with this tragedy.”
The British Born Nigerians Adebolajo, 28, and Adebowale, 22, were shot by cops after Lee Rigby, 25, was beheaded last Wednesday in Woolwich, South East London.

Adebowale was moved to a South London police station yesterday afternoon. Cops said they had also arrested him over the attempted murder of a police officer. Detectives were last night consulting with the Crown Prosecution Service over the case. They have a potential total of 96 hours for questioning.

Adebolajo was born in Britain to churchgoing Nigerian immigrants Tana and Anthony, both 56. He was raised a Catholic along with brother Jeremiah, 26, and their two sisters in Romford, Essex.

Rainbow Remix - 2Face Idibia ft. T-Pain

The new Rainbow Remix is performed by 2Face Idibia and T-Pain. It is a remake of his earlier version of the song. Listen to the the lyrics and song. It is the first collaboration between 2Face and T-pain.
2Face Idibia, T-Pain - Rainbow Remix
2Face Idibia, T-Pain - Rainbow Remix

Amaechi beats Jonah by 3 points, Suspended by PDP

Governor Rotimi Amaechi beats David Jonah by 3 points for the chairmanship position of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum and later suspended by People's Democratic Party (PDP). Gov Amaechi, the incumbent chairman of the governor's forum, won the election with 19 votes to Jonah's 16.

Amaechi beats Jonah and suspended by PDP
Amaechi suspended by PDP

The statement issued after the NWC meeting reads: “The National Working Committee at its emergency meeting on Monday, May 27, 2013 considered the petition submitted by the PDP Rivers Executive Committee against Governor Amaechi for violating Articles 58 1 (b), (c), (h) and (m) of the PDP’s constitution following his refusal to obey the lawful directive of the Rivers State Executive Committee to rescind his decision dissolving the elected Council of Obiokpor Local Council of Rivers State.

“The National Working Committee after preliminary hearing, in exercise of the powers conferred by Articles 57 (3), 59 (3), 59 (5) and 29 (2b), hereby suspends Governor Rotimi Amaechi as a member of the PDP and refers the matter to the appropriate disciplinary committee of the party.

“This is in furtherance of the determination of the leadership of the party to enforce discipline at all levels within the party.”

Explaining the action taken by the party at a briefing, Metuh said that the decision was taken to instil discipline in the party and make it stronger.

Governor Amaechi said it was ridiculous for the party to suspend him on the grounds that he has refused to reinstate the suspended Obio-Akpor Local Council chairman, Timothy Nsirim and 17 councillors, whereas it was the State House of Assembly that removed the chairman and others from office.

My question is how is that related to the chairmanship election he won. They knew way before he contested for the chair of the National Governors Forum. Another PDP conspiracy?

Baby flushed down toilet, survives

A newborn baby flushed down the toilet survives after rescuers found him in a sewage pipe in China. The 2-day old boy was flushed away by his parents in what police is calling an attempted murder. Luckily, the baby was lodged in a sewage pipe in one of the apartments in Jinhua Zhejiang province on Saturday afternoon after residents reported they heard a crying baby. The baby is now being called Baby 59.
Baby flushed down the toilet, survives
Baby found in toilet sewage pipe

Firefighters and doctors spent nearly 2 hours taking the tube apart piece by piece with pliers and saws.

Cops are now hunting for the baby's parents.

The baby who weighs 2.3-kilogram suffered some cuts to his face and limbs and his heart rate was low at one point. He is now in stable condition, the report said.

Newborn baby flushed down the toilet
Baby flushed away by parents
The news triggered hundreds of thousands of comments worldwide:

“I can never accept or forgive the behaviour of dumping the baby with his placenta and umbilical cord attached into the toilet pipe,” wrote a user with the online handle Jiding Jiajia.

“Can these people be called human beings? The animal to human ratio among the grown-ups is rising inexorably.”

“Seeing the little one wriggling and groaning as the pipe was torn apart bit by bit wrings my heart... You’ve lived through the hardest moment in your life and your future will definitely be smooth,” Another user added.

The reason for the abandonment remains unknown.

Chinese babies born out of wedlock are sometimes abandoned because of social and financial pressures.

The country’s one-child policy can also mean heavy fines for couples who have more than one baby.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Big Brother Africa: Nigeria's Representatives confirmed

New Big Brother Africa season started May 26 with Nigeria representatives Ada Beverly Osu and Melvin Oduah. The launch of the season 8 featured a tribute to late Nigerian singer Susan Goldie Harvey. 28 housemates from 14 African countries made their way into the Rubies and Diamonds houses of Big Brother Africa tagged “The Chase”

Big Brother Africa Nigerian representatives. Beverly (L) Melvin (R)

The representatives from Nigeria for the next 91 days will vie for the $300,000 award. Melvin Oduah was a runner up at the Gulder Ultimate Search VI, and also at the 2011 edition of Mr Nigeria.

Beverly Osu is a model from Lagos. She describes herself as “smart, sexy, humble, loyal and crazy”.

Nigerians cut off from Families without phone access

Many Nigerians have lost phone contact with families and relatives following military intervention against Boko Haram."I don't know what is happening to my parents, my brothers, my sister," a 62-year-old man said in his homeland in Maiduguri.

Nigerians cut off from families without phone access
Nigerians with no phone access
Nigerian military cut mobile phone and internet services more than a week ago in much of the country's northeast, where it has launched an offensive against Islamist insurgents, leaving families out of touch and forcing hospitals to buy radios.

A senior security source told AFP the phone network was frozen as part of "the operational strategy" to defeat Islamist extremist group Boko Haram, known to coordinate attacks by phone and text message.

The Red Cross have not yet visited affected areas. With the phone network shut down, civilians impacted by the fighting have been unreachable.

"Nobody can tell what is happening," said Gubio, who said many of his relatives live in an area south of Maiduguri where the military reportedly carried out air strikes on Boko Haram camps.

The chief medical director of the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, Abdurrahman Tahir, said he has seen no rise in the number of casualties brought to the hospital since the offensive was launched, suggesting the conflict has been concentrated far from the city.

But the communication breakdown has made running a hospital more difficult, especially an emergency service which relies heavily on mobile phones in an area with almost no functioning land lines, Tahir said.

"We are in the process of acquiring radios,"

While the phone shutdown has affected everyone, Haruna Mamuda, 30, has perhaps felt the impact most directly: he sells mobile phone recharge cards and, not surprisingly, the market has dried up.

He said life was difficult as a result, but, like Gubio, added that he was willing to make the sacrifice.

"If it helps end the insurgency, I am happy with it," he said

Sources: AFP

Boko Haram war costs Nigeria more than $1 billion: study

The Boko Haram Islamist war in Nigeria has cost more than $1billion with an additional spending. Governor Lamido Sanusi raised a question about the war expenditure on whether the government can control the war spending.

Boko Haram war cost
Cost of Boko Haram war

The Central Bank of Nigeria is very concerned by the threat of rising spending as the government battles Islamist insurgents in the northeast. Inflation has stayed under 10 percent for four consecutive months, meeting the bank’s target.

Nigeria’s military is continuously attacking Boko Haram across the north, launching air strikes on insurgent camps, the military said, while forces are deployed in border areas to block the militants from fleeing.

“There have been air strikes since Wednesday,” defence spokesman Brigadier General Chris Olukolade told AFP, specifying that they were continuing Friday.

“Every one of their strongholds is under attack,” he said, adding that he believed “there are a lot of casualties,” without providing a figure.

The offensive is ongoing in all states declared under emergency.The war against Boko Haram is the largest against since 2009. President Goodluck Jonathan said in a statement released to the press that Boko Haram, must be curbed, not minding what it would cost the government.

“The excesses of Boko Haram must stop. That is the decision of this present government now. It must stop, whatever it will cost the government, it must stop,”

Independent Study now puts the figure at $1billion

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Girl, stabbed to die and burnt alive by boyfriend

The girl had not returned from school since Friday. Her boyfriend confessed after a long police interrogation that he was very jealous. He stabbed Fabiana Luzzi to die and burnt her alive. The 16 year old boy Dominic from Corigliano, Italy confessed to killing his girlfriend, 16 with a knife during an argument and had then burned the corpse."She was still alive when I set her on fire. " revealed Dominic.
Girl, stabbed to death and burnt alive
Girlfriend stabbed to death and burnt alive

 The crime took place Friday. On that same day the boy presented himself to the hospital for burns to his face. The police became suspicious and began to question him. He is known to be a bully. 

The murder weapon has not been found.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers In Nigeria

Blogging and activism have become really popular in Nigeria. Many new bloggers want to receive the glory and earn more money by copying articles and post from popular earning blogs and bloggers. They say blogging in Nigeria is business. Here is the top 10 Nigerian bloggers.
Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers In Nigeria
Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers In Nigeria

Since I launch my blog late last year, I have seen copy cats of existing blogs that the only difference is the name. The template is the same. The post are very similar-word for word. The meta tags or blog description inseparable. And yet, they ask ''how come I am not making it in the blog industry. I posted the same thing as this person. The person earned more money and traffic and I didn't. What should I do?'' I tell them it's very simple ''Be Original. Stand out and be Patient''

I have created this amazing list of the top ten bloggers and blogs in Nigeria. Please feel free to nominate any site. The list has been voted for by most Nigerians and people like you. Don't feel bad if your blog is not included. Either, you are number 11 or you are a copycat. I will keep updating this thread every 3 months and some blogs/site listed in the past may be dropped as a result of (Rise/Fall) traffic.

Many of these bloggers and sites you probably already know. If not, be sure to check out the many different sites and owners listed on the infographic below (also see comments section) and visit their sites to see how they are building their success online.

If you like the infographic below, please feel free to share it with your friends and audience by linking back to this post.

Linda Ikeji began her blog in 2006. Her blog is raw unfiltered 'gossipy stuff' She has received interest from BBC and Forbes Africa.
Read More about Linda Ikeji Success Story as a blogger

Uche Eze, began her blog in 2006 and it is now one of the biggest fashion, entertainment and lifestyle websites in Africa.

Journalist turned blogger has it all. If you hear it raw, Olu has already confirmed it. They call him Olu but his gossipy stuff made him famous.

Mola Ogundele and his team at continues to grow what is arguably Nigeria’s best known music portal.

A blog known for its swagz. 360Nobs a Nigerian-based all round entertainment and lifestyle HOTSPOT

I know you like gist. Gist me now or latest naija news. Gistmania is one of the most visited site in Nigeria for you.

Nigerian entertainment, movies and fashion.

Nigeria's finest celebrity breaking news gists.

Emeh Achanga, the winner of Best New blog in 2012 makes it to number 9.

Relationships, editorials and music

Thursday, May 23, 2013

'London Terrorist' Michael Adebolajo

London terrorist Michael Adebolajo

British media has identified the two London attackers as British born Nigerians Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale. Adebolajo is 28 years old with a link to a banned militant group, Islam 4 UK. Michael "Mujaheed" Adebolajo or Michael Olumide Adebolajo and the other attacker were arrested in Woolwich and remain hospitalized in police custody. The other is 22 year old Michael Adebowale.
London attack in pictures
video of Michael's wanted to kill the other cops

Several sources dismiss their relationship with the Nigerian Boko Haram. According to the BBC, Adebolajo comes from a Christian family and converted to Islam after leaving to study sociology in 2001. Sources describe him as "bright and intelligent" in college.

Adebolajo in a video released by ITV, justified his action with a speech interpreted in jihadist as."We swear by Allah the Merciful that will never stop fighting you, the only reason we did this is because there are Muslims who die each day, the death of this soldier is an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth," he says, before demanding "the return of our troops home."
The presence of Western troops in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is one of the justifications usually peaked by groups and individuals of jihadist inspiration.

Other sources quoted by the British media say that both suspects were already known to British intelligence.

Growing negative perception about Nigeria in the world

The Negative image of Nigeria is fast rising between 2010 and 2013. The world believes that all Nigerians are fraudsters. Boko Haram hasn't helped but showed the country's weakness. Religious and ethnic clashes continues the trend of breaking news. The US President avoided the visit to Nigeria amidst the ongoing Islamist violence in the North. The growing negative perception about Nigeria in the world now stands at 62%. Ghana have a 60% negative perception according to the survey.

Growing negative perception about Nigeria in the world

Yesterday's London terror has been linked to a Nigerian. Local media named the British born Nigerian as 28-year-old Michael Adebolajo. He is Yoruba by birth.
Growing negative perception about Nigeria in the world

"The overview of Nigeria as a country is less favorable year after year, due to the increase in negative ratings,"
"The growing frustration with governments and religious leaders makes Nigeria one of the worst places to live" says a local
The positive perception of the European Union in the world is one at its lowest levels (49%). The United States is at 45%.

Views of Nigeria
Nigeria has more than 200 languages, 160million people, 36 states and 774 local government areas.

The economy is the fastest and third largest in Africa in this increased negative perception.

"Analysts expect that Nigeria’s economy, which the NBS put at $258bn in 2012, will see a significant upward revision. A 40 per cent increase is expected, which would measure it at $361bn, using current figures, close to that of South Africa’s, which is estimated at $385bn."

With growth of 6.6 per cent, more than double that of South Africa, Nigeria could soon have the bragging rights as Africa's biggest economy

77% of black doctors practicing in the United States of America are Nigerians.

Well cultured people with class


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Terrorist attack in London: soldier beheaded

Horror and fear across London where, in the south east Woolwich street, a soldier on duty was beheaded by two men armed with machetes, sparkling a terrorist attack. The two men were wounded by police, who immediately intervened. The attack seems to be carried out by Islamic extremist who were shouting 'Allah Akbar'. 
Terrorist attack in London, soldier beheaded
Soldier beheaded in London

The Queen Elizabeth expressed great concern upon receiving the news and is constantly informed of developments.

Investigations are underway to determine what happened, "but there are strong indications that it is an act linked to terrorism , "the premier said. "We've already had this kind of attacks in Great Britain , but we never bent. The terrorists will never win. "

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on Forbe's Most Powerful Women of the Year

After the failed bid for the World Bank presidency, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Nigeria's finance minister produced a 6.5% increase in GDP in the economy from 2011 to 2012 to be included in Forbes most powerful women in the world for the year 2013.
 Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on Forbe's Most Powerful Women of the Year
 Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala on Forbe's 100 Most Powerful Women in 2013

Nigeria has become the third largest and fastest growing economy in Africa with nearly $50 billion in foreign reserves, thanks to Okonjo-Iweala position as the minister of finance. Ngozi ranked 83rd dropping two places from 2012.

Forbes magazine released the annual list of 100 most powerful women in the world today. The most powerful woman in the world, for the seventh time and third consecutive year is the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Angela Merkel is followed by Dilma Rousseff, the Brazilian president. Third on the list is American businesswoman Melinda Gates. 

"This is the backbone of the European Union and with the fate of the euro on its shoulders "Forbes wrote about the German Chancellor.

 Michelle Obama, is fourth followed by Hillary Clinton. The power of  these women was determined by Forbes based on their money, their media power and influence. They represent 26 countries. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chinua Achebe's funeral in pictures

Chinua Achebe's funeral in pictures
 Achebe's corpse on Overland Airland Jet, en route Enugu.

Chinua Achebe funeral photos
Chinua Achebe funeral photos

Chinua Achebe's burial photos
Achebe funeral

Chinua Achebe funeral pictures
Service of Songs at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.

Chinua Achebe's son and wife
Professor Mrs Christie Achebe and son Ikechukwu

The late author was survived by wife, Christie, and children, Ike, Chidi, Chinelo and Nwando.

Achebe’s burial attracted high political figures including a long list with President Goodluck Jonathan, Ghanaian President, John Mahama, former Nigerian Vice President, Dr. Alex Ekwueme, former Secretary General of Commonwealth, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Chief Emeka Ihedioha, Governors Roachas Okorocha of Imo, Martin Elechi of Ebonyi, Liyel Imoke of Cross River, Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta and the host, Peter Obi of Anambra State

Other prominent Nigerians present include labour minister, Emeka Wogu, Minister of state for foreign affairs, Prof Viola Onwuliri, Prof. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Power minister, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, Senator Chris Ngige representing Anambra Centsral, Senator Andy Uba representing Anambra South, former governor, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, former MAMSER Director General, Prof Elochukwu Amaucheazi, Prof Laz Ekwueme, among others.

Wole Soyinka a notable absentee. The absence of Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka and Prof John Pepper Clark at the occasion, is worrisome. Chinua Achebe, Wole Soyinka, John Pepper Clark and Chris Okigbo shaped modern African literature.

Chinua Achebe's Burial Arrangements

      DAY 1 May 19th SundayDAY OF PRAYERS AND RELIGIOUS WORSHIP.3.00pm.  National Christian Center, Abuja.It shall also hold at other Centres throughout Nigeria and beyond.
      DAY 2May 20th MondayANA SYMPOSIUM Association of Nigerian Authors’ Symposium on the life and times of Professor Chinualumogu Achebe DAY OF TRIBUTES.Tributes from National and International leaders, writers and associates of Professor Achebe from all over the World. Arrangements will be made for those who are not present to relay their tributes via live telecast.
A number of cultural troupes drawn from different parts of the Country shall perform during the night of tributes.
10.00am – 1.00pm.International Conference Centre, Abuja 5.00pm – 8.00pm.International Conference Centre, Abuja

        DAY 3. May 21st TuesdayBODY ARRIVES NIGERIA. Airport Reception.Body will be received upon arrival by a delegation of Nigerian Leaders. Diplomatic and Cultural representatives from African Nations shall be in attendance to pay their respects.Cultural troupes from different parts of the African continent shall perform at the airport reception.
Reception in the Federal Capital

Body departs for Enugu

Enugu Airport Reception.
The body shall be received at the Enugu airport by the South Eastern Governors under the chairmanship of H.E. Peter Obi, Governor of Anambra State/Ohanaeze leadership/Traditional Rulers.

Academic Procession and Ceremony
The University of Nigeria and sister Universities in the region and beyond, will participate in an academic procession and ceremony at the Enugu campus, where a short and solemn ceremony will be conducted.

Ohanaeze Night of Mourning and Ikoro Salute.
Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja.

National Assembly

Akanu-Ibiam International Airport, Enugu.

University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Enugu Campus

7.00pm. Ohanaeze Secretariat, Park avenue, Enugu
     DAY 4.May 22ndWednesday  

 Body departs for Anambra State and is received at the boundary of Enugu and Anambra States by the Governor of Anambra State and other leaders.CELEBRATION OF LIFE CARNIVALA carnival of African culture shall be on display to celebrate the life and works of Chinua Achebe
All State Governors and Federal Ministers will participate.

The body departs Awka and will be received at Ogidi by members of the family, the President General of Ogidi Town Union, Ogidi Regent in Council and the Elders of Ogidi.

Body will then proceed and be received at the Idemmili Local Government Headquarters.

Body will proceed and be received at the Ogidi Town Hall.

Body will then proceed to Achebe’s compound for Christian Service of Songs.

Literary Obsequies and wake-keep by the Association of Nigerian Authors till dawn.
 Enugu-Anambra States Border.Alex Ekwueme Stadium.


Idemmili Local Government Hqtrs,Ogidi

Ogidi Town Hall

Achebe’s Family Compound.

Achebe’s Family Compound.

       DAY 5. May 23rd Thursday BURIAL SERVICE AND INTERMENTBody will lie in state in his residence. Family groups will undertake a procession.Body departs to the church for a traditional Anglican Burial Service

The President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and other Heads of State, State Governors, Diplomats and International Literary dignitaries will be in attendance.

Body moves back to the Family residence after the Church service for interment.

The family begins to receive condolence visits from guests.
Achebe’s Family Compound.St. Phillips Anglican Church, Ogidi.

Achebe’s Family Compound.

Achebe’s Family Compound.
        DAY 6 May 24th Friday IKWA OZU MUSLIM JU’MAT SERVICE.  Nigerians offer prayers.Achebe’s Family Compound.Central Mosque Abuja.
      DAY 7 May 25th Saturday IKWA OZU CONTINUESAchebe’s Family Compound.
             DAY 8th May 26thSunday CHRISTIAN  OUTING SERVICE/THANKSGIVINGSt Phillips Anglican Church, Ogidi.

Obama Visits Africa, Avoids Nigeria

US president Barack Obama is set to make a one week visit to Africa. It will be the second time that Obama avoids Nigeria in his visits amidst Boko Haram concerns. According to the statement from the White House Press Secretary, President Obama and the First Lady will visit Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania from June 26 - July 3.

Obama visits Africa, Avoids Nigeria

President Obama also avoids his fatherland Kenya. He has not visited since he became the US president. The last time the US president visited Kenya was in 2006 when he was a senator.In 2009 when the president visited Africa,it was widely expected that he would visit Kenya, but the president avoided the trip to the country, instead heading to Ghana.

Political and diplomatic analysts see the Presidents avoidance of Kenya as deliberate move to reiterate the US stand on the Hague issue and a number of other issues.It is not yet clear whether any Kenyan government official has been invited to the neighboring Tanzania during the US president's visit.

Nigerian political prisoner speaks out for first time

Nigerian political prisoner and former governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Diepriye Alamieyeseigha speaks out for the first time following his pardon from President Goodluck Jonathan. He said the current president and his best friend would remain as the president of Nigeria come 2015.
Nigerian political prisoner speaks out

“They may have their opinion, but I can assure you that President Jonathan will remain as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, come 2015,” he said.

The former governor said the recent presidential pardon granted him by President Jonathan was a negotiated deal, saying that it was in order.

According to him, the negotiation commenced since the era of the late President Yar’Adua, adding that he had fulfilled his own part, while the government later fulfilled its part.

Tornado devastates Oklahoma City

Tornado hits Oklahoma city
Pictures of Tornado hit areas in Oklahoma

The violent tornado, with winds that reached 320 kilometers per hour in 3.2 kilometers in diameter, devastated a distance of 12 kilometers between Moore and Newcastle, on the outskirts of Oklahoma City.

At least 91 people, including 20 children, died on Monday and 230 people hospitalized in Oklahoma. . Hundreds of homes and at least two schools are largely in ruins
"Many neighborhoods have been completely flattened and wiped off the map," said a police spokesman

President Barack Obama declared the area hit by the tornado as a disaster area and sent additional federal aid to help state and local efforts.

The tornado that hit the city of Moore, with about 50,000 inhabitants, is now the deadliest since two years ago

Monday, May 20, 2013

Chinua Achebe Funeral: Writer Laid to Rest

Writer Chinua Achebe will be laid to rest this month. The funeral rites of the late renowned Nigerian writer and Poet, Chinua Achebe, began Sunday with prayers at the Ecumenical Centre in the capital city of Abuja. His remains will arrive Nigeria this week from the U.S where he died on 21 March at the age of 82.

Chinua Achebe Funeral
Chinua Achebe Funeral pictures
Chinua Achebe funeral plans:
The remains would be received at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in the Nigerian capital by members of his family, representatives of the government as well as members of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), before being flown to Enugu, where it would be received by Governors of the states in the region.
Chinua Achebe Funeral
Chinua Achebe burial photos

Bob Manuel Udokwwu, spokesman for the burial committee set up by Achebe's native Anambra state government to plan the week-long funeral, listed planned activities as including cultural events and reading of Achebe’s books on Monday

He said the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where the late writer lectured before travelling to the US, would also hold a procession for him, in addition to other ceremonies planned at the institution.

The activities will be rounded off in Achebe's home town of Ogidi on Thursday for a funeral service, expected to be attended by President Goodluck Jonathan.

India, 15 deaf and dumb girls raped

About fifteen girls, orphaned and deaf and dumb was raped in India . The accusers this time, are members of an NGO, non-governmental organization (the Awaaz Foundation), which operates in Jaipur, in Rajastan. 
deaf and dumb minors raped in india

According to the detailed account made ​​by the president of the Committee for the welfare of children, Ram Prakash Bairwa, the girls, who are between 12 and 17 years, "were subjected to unspeakable sexual violence and physical harassment."
Police in the city have arrested five members of the NGO.

Man climbs St. Peter's Basilica to protest

An Italian man climbed the dome of St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican, where he opened a poster with protest phrases about the economic crisis and also against the euro on Monday. 
Man clumbs St Peter's Basilica to protest

The Italian is the entrepreneur  Marcello Di Finizio and owner of the restaurant "La Voce della Luna" the city of Trieste in northeastern Italy. He entered the Vatican as a tourist, jumped a security fence and ended up in "skylight" Dome.  He had the poster at his back with the phrase "Stop al massacro in all'euro" ("Stop the massacre, not the euro" ).

According to the Italian press, Di Finizio protest against the Bolkestein directive of the European Law, which requires that land may be auctioned from 2015. The businessman may lose his restaurant as a result and claims that the legislation has already led the industry to ruin.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Judicial reform in Nigeria: Creation of new courts

A Judicial reform in Nigeria is needed. I have been taught if something is not working, you change it. Most Nigerians will agree with me that we need a drastic change in Nigeria's legislation. The situation is so bad that I will recommend the creation of new courts to help this course.

Judicial reform in Nigeria
Judicial reform in Nigeria

While the Legislature is responsible for making laws and the Executive is charged with the implementation of such law, the Judiciary is responsible for the interpretation of the law in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution.  When all parties are equally run by the same person(s), in the case of Nigeria, the country is otherwise lawless. A country run by the commander in chief and his friends and deemed 'above the law' needs a judicial reform.

Let's review the Judicial systems in Nigeria. The Constitution provides for Federal and State Courts, as well as Election Tribunals. At the apex of the Judiciary is the Supreme Court.

The Federal Courts are:
The Court of Appeal
The Federal High Court
The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja
The Sharia Court of Appeal of the Federal Capita! Territory, Abuja.
The Customary Court of Appeal of the Federal Capital Territory.

The State Courts are:
The High Court
The Sharia Court of Appeal
The Customary Court of Appeal

The Election Tribunals are:

The National Assembly Election Tribunals
The Govemorship and Legislative Houses Election Tribunals

In addition to the Courts and Tribunals established by the Constitution, there are other court and tribunals created by Federal or State laws. These include: Magistrate Courts, Area Courts, Sharia Courts and Customary Courts.

The Chief Justice of Nigeria, the President of the Court of Appeal, the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court and the Chief Judge of the High Court of the Federal Territory, Abuja are all appointed by the President on the advice of the National Judicial Council subject to the consent of the Senate.

The President also appoints the Grand Kadi of the Sharia Court of Appeal of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja and the President of the Customary Court of Appeal of the Federal Capital Territory
, Abuja in the same manner as friose of the other Federal Courts. All other judicial appointments to the Federal Courts are made by the President on the advice of the National Judicial Council.

The Governors appoint the Chief Judges of the States, the Grand Kadi of the Sharia Court of Appeal and the President of the Customary Court of Appeal, in those States where those courts exist, on the advice of the National Judicial Council and the State House of Assembly. All other judicial appoint- ments to State Courts are made by the Governor of the State on the advice of the National Judicial Council.

The Supreme Court, the highest court of the land is duly constituted to not less than five Justices.

Mother throws children from the window

A42 year old mother in Busto Arsizio confessed on Saturday, that she had thrown her two children from the window because "She can't take it anymore." The two children, 6 and 3 years, are in serious conditions. Both suffered multiple fracture wounds and damages. The 6 year old boy suffered a head injury and was taken to a hospital in Legnano. The 3 year old child suffered a trauma to the abdomen and is hospitalized. 
mother throws children out from the window

The woman, Italian, and seemingly quiet, was alone at home with their children. They lived on the third floor of an apartment building. Her neighbors had reported to the police and called an ambulance following the discovery of two lifeless bodies. The mother was placed in custody.  She is "collaborative," but "non-glossy", say police sources. 

She has been treated in the past for depression.

Friday, May 17, 2013

I am not a porn star, says Afrocandy

Afrocandy who made headlines for her bold acts on and off screen – has openly revealed her thoughts on what other people think about her and her image in Nollywood. On being put in the same level as Cossy Orjiakor, Tonto Dike and Anita Joseph, she said “Well, it`s totally unfair to compare me with them. I am not a porn star.''
Afrocandy porn star

Afrocandy is the first Nollywood porn star to go raw on set. The actress Judith Opara Mazagwu popularly known as Afrocandy incurred the wrath of some Nigerians and her fans across the world, for releasing Destructive Instinct trailer on YouTube. Nigerians went provoked when the trailer went viral on afocandy scandal blog and youtube.

AfroCandy, known for her explicit lifestyle, posted a link of the trailer on Facebook and added the comment: “No time for Haters and no shame in my game. I do what I do, don't need your stupid opinion cos it doesn't count at the end of the day. So you either get with it or get lost, or better still, stick your foot in your mouth. AfroCandy doesn't give a crap.”

A fan said: “She looks a hot mess”

Fashola raises the question of Electoral Fraud

Lagos, Nigeria- Governor Fashola (SAN), Thursday called for concrete action against those who perpetrated electoral fraud during national General Elections. Fashola raises the question of electoral fraud and declared that “We must begin to take those very simple steps to show that we will no longer tolerate this kind of impunity in our society. And it is not about protests; it is about taking those simple and firm actions”.

Fashola raises electoral fraud in Nigeria

Governor Fashola, who spoke at the Public Presentation of a book titled “The Enforcement of Electoral Laws and Case Law of 2007 Election Petition Judgments”, written by eminent Law teacher, Professor Itse Sagay, at the Protea Hotel, Ikeja, said unless concrete steps were taken to show that such electoral fraud would no longer be tolerated, what happened in 2007 would repeat itself in 2015.

“And many of the people who were found by our courts to have been involved in these irregularities are still holding honorary degrees, are still holding chieftaincy titles. These are the building blocks by which society corrects impunity. We must begin to act to take back those titles because they have desecrated them; they are no longer worthy of them, even if we don’t take them to court”, Governor Fashola said.

According to the Governor, “The responsibility for action against electoral fraudsters is not for the attorneys- general alone, it is for all of us, it is everybody’s responsibility; our professors in the Ivory Towers and our spiritual leaders must be more circumspect”.

“Right now, it will not be a case of witch hunting if we have a Supreme Court judgment and judgment of our Appellant Court showing that there were irregularities, irregularities that amounted in some cases to fraud, and people were named as having been involved in perpetrating those irregularities. I think we would, in a sense, have served a dish to our attorneys-general in the various states”, the Governor said.

Governor Fashola, who described the 2007 General Elections as “an unwelcome barometre of impunity in our society and in our electoral history” declared, “Now, in three years time we are going to approach this same process; is anything going to change? It hasn’t changed since our first elections and I have not heard since the first elections that anybody has been charged to court let alone convicted for any electoral fraud in more than 50 years of our electoral history”.

“Even in cases and instances where the election of a supposedly victorious elected governor has been nullified, we carry on as if nothing is wrong. We refer to them as former governors”, the Governor said pointing out that if no actions were taken to correct such anomalies, the nation’s democracy would be in danger.

“As important as the political system and its optimal process is, we do not pay much attention to it, we don’t ask questions. Elections hold once in four years. After that we carry on as if nothing went wrong but we know inside us that something went wrong. In football fans are as responsible as the umpires for the smooth running of a match. They can be punished if anything goes wrong from their side during a match. If an organization that is responsible for entertainment can take such serious actions, why should we not be serious with our electoral process?”, the Governor asked

Describing the eminent Jurists and Academics who attended the occasion as “Giants of the Law”, Governor Fashola declared, “These are the Giants on whose shoulders we stand; Giants of the Law as they are. It is by standing on their shoulders that we attempt to see very far”.