Chimamanda Adichie disagrees with Buhari on Nigeria Governance

“He had an opportunity to make real reforms early on, to boldly reshape Nigeria’s path. He wasted it,”

The largest cities in Nigeria: ranked 1 to 10.

List of largest cities in Nigeria is different from the list of most loved cities in Nigeria

Ankara Dresses, Prints, Latest Fashion Trends

It started as a movement in Africa, Ankara, the African prints has become the latest fashion trends in the globe. Ankara Inspired by the locals and designers in Africa has become the next big thing. Osas eye brings you a collection of the best Ankara dresses

Who will bring back Nigeria’s lost girls?

If Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan can free the missing girls, he would have done it before now. He can't. He failed

African Clothing, Traditional Men's Fashion Styles

African wear continues to rock the fashion trend. From Nigeria to South Africa, Osas eye gives you look at some of the jaw dropping traditional wear by African designers for men

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Man found 100 thousand dollars and returned It

A man found $100,000 in a bag and returned it to the owner. The generous man was rewarded him with $400. The Cordovan taxi driver found a bag with the 100 thousand dollars that had been forgotten by a passenger who took his service and kindly returned it.

Man found 100 thousand dollars and returned

The taxi driver Juan Amado, father of eight, found the bag and quickly reported it to the agency's manager. When asked, Amando said  "I did it for God and for my children,"

"When I suffered a stroke eight years ago, they said I would be in a wheelchair. I asked God to let me work to feed my children and He did. Thats why I'm going to return something with all that He gave me? I didn't do it for me, or for the person who lost it, I did it for God "he said.

"I did, in addition, to give an example to my children and although several colleagues tell me it is wrong, you should have told me in store for me, I insist that it is not so," he added.

The taxi driver told the media that when he returned the bad to the owner, the owner "was sitting on a sidewalk, heartbroken" for having lost that significant amount of money.

Would you have returned the money to the owner? Are you like one of his friends, what would you have done? Osas eye is conducting a survey. Please leave a comment below.

Kate Middleton first public appearance after childbirth

A little over a month after giving birth to Prince George, Kate Middleton made her first public appearance with her husband at the opening of the Anglesey marathon Friday August 30, 2013. The Duchess of Cambridge showed that she's already in shape after the childbirth.
Kate Middleton first public appearance after childbirth
 Kate Middleton stunned those at the Anglesey Marathon with her presence.
Kate Middleton at the Anglesey Marathon  pictures

Friday, August 30, 2013

Michelle Obama in Duro Olowo and Tracy Reese's designs

Michelle Obama looked classy and elegant in Duro Olowo designs. The first lady who is known for promoting fashion designers was seen in the Nigerian designer outfit Duro Olowo. She is recently making waves after she stepped out for the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s iconic I Have A Dream speech on Aug. 28 with another signature style from African-American designer Tracy Reese‘s fall collection.  
Michelle Obama in Duro Olowo
Michelle Obama in Duro Olowo designs

Michelle Obama in Tracy Reese
Michelle Obama in Tracy Reese's designs

'Black Jesus' captured and killed

An infamous cult leader Steven Tari known as "Black Jesus" has been captured and killed by villagers in Papua New Guinea, police say.
'Black Jesus' captured and killed

Steven Tari had been on the run since escaping from prison in the northern town of Madang earlier this year. Report say he was chopped to death at a remote village outside the town on Thursday, a senior police official told local media.

Tari had been serving a lengthy prison term after being convicted in 2010 of raping girls and young women who belonged to his Christian-based sect.

A former bible student and drop-out who promised his followers prosperity and eternal life, Tari was arrested in 2007 amid sensational claims that he had performed sacrificial killings and feasted on the flesh of his victims. In the event, he was charged only with rape, although rumours of murder and cannibalism continued to dog him. In 2010 he was convicted of raping four teenage girls who had joined his sect. He was jailed for 20 years.

Black Jesus was surrounded by angry villagers and chopped to death

Migrating animals spotted in Africa

Migrating animals spotted in Africa. Flocks of gnus, zebras and antelopes were seen and photographed during their migration trip in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania, Aug. 17, 2013. When grass withers at Serengeti National Park in north Tanzania, flocks of gnus, zebras and antelopes living there start their annual migration to Masai Mara National Wild Reserve in Kenya. The pictures reminds me of imagine dragons round and round. The lyrics says ''We are all living the same way, the same way
We are escaping the same way, the same way,Circling''
Migrating Animals in Africa

Animals running

Migrating animals in Tanzania Africa

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Barack Obama in tears at seeing film The Butler

Film about black servant who worked for eight U.S. presidents is out. U.S. President Barack Obama was in tears after watching The Butler, a film about a black servant who worked in the White House for a series of presidents.
Film The Butler

In the radio Tom Joyner Obama said he had stood in tears in his eyes.

The first black president of the United States noted that the film did reflect on the consequences of discrimination for a whole generation of him.

"They were a lot of misery because they hoped for a better future for their children," said Obama. The real Butlers in the White House,  are friendly, warm people who can get along with his daughters Malia and Sasha Obama. "They think that could well be my grandchild or: who looks just like my daughter."

The Butler is directed by Lee Daniels. Forest Whitaker plays the leading role.The star cast also includes Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz, Vanessa Redgrave, Robin Williams (President Dwight D. Eisenhower), John Cusack (President Richard Nixon), James Marsden (President John F. Kennedy), Liev Schreiber ( President Lyndon B. Johnson), Alan Rickman (President Ronald Reagan). Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan

The film has been premiered in the U.S. Osa's eye will be giving you feedback after watching it this weekend. Watch the trailer of the Butler

Cheryl Cole's crazy tattoo

Cheryl Cole's tattoo is the talk of London. The British singer post the pictures of the extravagant and perhaps excessive tattoo on her lower back.
 Cheryl Cole's crazy tattoo

The singer published pictures showing her latest tattoo: a collection of colorful roses  at her bottom. The artist wanted to share photos of this "masterpiece" on the web and has made ​​one with its author, the tatoo artist Nikko Hurtado who calls Cole an extraordinary artist. To perform this floral design on the backside of Cheryl took us a good 15 hours and, as is easy to see, it was not a little painful for the singer. During an interview with British newspaper "Mirror" the star said that this was also his latest tattoo as some others scattered all over the body, while the British public has branded it as an example of absolute lack of good taste.

Forbes list Madonna as highest-paid celebrity

"Forbes" has published the list of highest-earning celebrities. According to the "Forbes" list of the highest-earning stars the "Material Girl" and queen of pop between June 2012 and June 2013 earned a whopping
 $ 125 million to become the highest-paid celebrity.
Forbes list Madonna as highest-paid celebrity

Forbes has given its judgment on the basis of receipts from the world tour. Steven Spielberg, despite the success of his film 'Lincoln', ranks second with a gain of $ 100 million (calculated in the year up to June 2013), for the most part thanks to past movies like 'ET' and ' Jurassic Park 'that continue to collect large sums of money. '' The success of Madonna, 55 years old, simply demonstrates the incredible power of a successful music career,'' said Dorothy Pomerantz of Forbes, pointing out that the 27 year old Lady Gaga was often referred to as a threat to the pop star's Michigan in the gap since the eighties.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Most Shocking Reactions to Miley Cyrus MTV Video Awards

The singer, who shocked the viewers with her music video 'We can not stop', drew multiple interpretation of the provocative dance as the most shocking performance at the MTV Video Awards Sunday night. The provocative gestures intensified when she sang a duet another song, 'Blurred Lines', along with Robin Thicke. The young artist, 20 years of age and daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus joined the list of Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and Madonna.

 Most Shocking Reactions to Miley Cyrus MTV Video Awards

The Most Shocking Reactions to Miley Cyrus MTV Video Awards

The image of the Smith family, appalled, tells their reaction to the performance and is the most shared picture on social networks on Monday morning
The image of the Smith family at the MTV video awards

I've come to the conclusion that all female performers, should dress like Adele. If they can sing, they don't need skimpy outfits to perform.

Pure porn called entertainment! Should have been censored. Miley is a disgrace. This is not "music". She needs her tongue contained. CHILDREN were at this show! She herself is a minor, reprehensible! She is a child cavorting In a perverse manner with adults. Aren't there laws against this!!!!!!!!!! MTV should be ashamed.

You haters leave Miley alone. Why is a sexualized performance a bad thing? she is good looking, puts on a show and can sing a little. People like that. I did.

Miley Cyrus please hire a choreographer and do it now. Do not pass go.
Your dance moves are gangly and embarrassing. You look like a giant albino spider out there.
Gee, was I too harsh?

For her "performance" to shock Rihanna ... you know it had to be really bad! The picture of the Smith family ... priceless. Pretty much the same expression I had, especially when she brought out that oversized fan hand. EEWWWW

I'm embarrassed that I belong to the same species as Miley Cyrus.

Talk about 'hate from a distance.' Guaranteed, all these Miley haters will have a completely different reaction if she suddenly knocked on their front door asking for directions?

As somebody else wrote, makes you want to weep that this represents music in America. Someday we'll look back and be embarrassed at this trash. Some are already.

Because that's today's young women. I blame their mothers. I have a teenage son, Whenever I drop him off at school, I'm shocked at how the girls are dressed. The mothers are actually dropping their daughters off, wearing mini skirts, hooker boots and cleavage showing. And you should see how the daughters are dressed.

Did you watch her performance? Please leave a comment below

'Big Brother Africa' finale recap: Dillish Matthews wins Season 8

Dillish Matthews was crowned the Season 8 winner of "Big Brother Africa the Chase" on Sunday night. After 90 days of performances, BBA has finally chosen its next winner Dilish from Namibia. At the 2013 Season finale, first to be evicted of the top five was Beverly Osu, who proudly walked out of the house into the cheering crowd and was greeted with a hug and kiss from Angelo. Next came Melvin who obviously wasn’t happy to have not gotten the money but bravely put on a smile to meet the crowd.

'Big Brother Africa' finale recap: Dillish Matthews wins Season 8

The eviction of the two Nigerians from the house on the Grande finale caused a stir among Nigerians who concluded that keeping Melvin and Beverly in the house was a tactic to keep the Nigerian audience.

Elikem was evicted after this, but he won a $10,000 expense paid trip by Big Brother to Kenya with a partner of his choice, he picked Pokello who he already started an affair with during their stay in the house.

Finally, Dillish and Cleo were left in the house and Cleo, was evicted, leaving the Namibian in tears at the realization that she had won a cool $300, 000.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Man raped his stepdaughter: had 10 children

The horrific incident took place in Santiago del Estero, where Police arrested a man accused of raping his stepdaughter and he had 10 children with her. The detainee whose name has not been disclosed was apprehended in Concháyoj. The victim is now 35, but began to be molested for the first time at age 11.

Man raped his stepdaughter: had 10 children

"At age 11 I took the mount. I had to help at the mill. Then he began to abuse me, "she revealed in the office that assists victims of domestic violence courts.

"He beat me and raped me. At age 14 I had my first child, " Since then she was subjected to an ordeal of rape and births. The woman filed a complaint with the prosecutor and the judge Rosa Falco.

"I was forced to give birth at home when my children were born he went and gave them the name. " Today, the eldest son of the victim is more than 20 years.

"Two of my children died. He buried them near my house. Four are working with me and the others, I think that far. "

"My mom knew everything, always told her, but she did nothing. All of fear", was the victim. His mother and sister accompanied her to that are filing the complaint.

Woman swallows phone to save her marriage

A 19 year old woman swallows her cell phone to avoid being caught cheating. Adriana Andrade woke up in the hospital after swallowing her mobile phone. She did so to protect and save her marriage from her husband. Her husband had demanded to see text messages and her call history. She refused and when he insisted on looking at her phone she decided to swallow her mobile phone.
Woman swallows phone to save her marriage

Young Adriana lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Is this a very clever action for cheating wives? Was it really worth it?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Picture of NorthWest: Looks like Kim or Kanye?

North West is two months old, but only today the world for to see her first picture. For the first time, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West showed during the TV show of his mother Kris Jenner the first public picture of their daughter Northwest.
Picture of NorthWest: Looks like Kim or Kanye?
 At first sight one discovers quite clearly Kim Kardashian's beautiful face in Northwest . On the other hand: If you look at pictures of Kanye West, you will also see a certain resemblance to the father. But what do you think? Who does North West looks like: Kim or Kanye?
Picture of North West: Looks like Kim or Kanye?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Surgery to smile as "The Joker" becomes the New Asian Fashion

A bizarre new fashion trend surgery is openly received in the South and North of Korea. More and more people are undergoing an operation called " smile lipt". The surgery consists of a small incision in the corners of lips, so that the patient is left with a smile that looked similar to 'The Joker ", the memorable character of Jack Nicholson in the first installment of the movie "Batman "in 1989.
Surgery to smile as "The Joker" becomes the New Asian Fashion

Though in some cases the result may be a pleasant smile for people with difficulties to express themselves in many other produces a chilling denouement.

Osaseye understands South Korea has lived for some years a real rush for plastic surgery.

Genevieve Nnaji ELLE magazine shoot: sexy new pictures

Nigerian actress Genevieve has been featured alongside 6 other women across the world as one of Elle Magazine's""INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTARS: THE NEXT BIG CROSSOVER ACTS.
Genevieve Nnaji ELLE magazine shoot

She is featured alongside the likes of Aishawarya Rai Bachchan (India) Katrina Kaif (Hong Kong)Haifa Wehbe (Lebanon)Anahi (Mexico)Pixie Lott(Britain) and Kim Hyuna(Japan). The magazine was published 21 August 2013 and had this to say about the 32 year old actress.

"One of the most powerful actresses working in Africa, Nnaji began her career at age eight, and has been constantly working in commercials andmovies ever since. She's credited with putting Nollywood, Nigeria'sHollywood, on the map. In 2005 she was awarded Best Actress at the inaugural African Movie Academy Awards (AMAA), and used her fame to launch her clothing line, St. Genevieve, in 2008 with the proceeds from sales supporting orphanages. And she has the Oprah seal of approval—in 2009 Nnaji was profiled on an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, with the host referring to her as one of the most popular people around the world and the "Julia Roberts of Africa." Her latest film, Half of a Yellow Sun, in which she stars alongside British actress Thandie Newton, premieres this year."

Thursday, August 22, 2013

And the best car to have sex is?

The question keeps coming back and forth. Have you had sex in the car before? Do you know the best car to do it. You try to escape the response because you don't know the answer. Research finds it is best to have sex in the car. You want to know the answer,  so you ask osas eye to decipher the code of the best car to have sex. Look no further and here it is?
the best car to have sex

In an interview with Anna Mucha she said,

"I have just learned that the Mercedes E Class station wagon has been recognized as the best car to have sex. Such knowledge can sometimes be useful to shine. Apparently the choice of this car, because it combines the elegance and comfort needed for the occurrence of this situation. It is combo, so you can use it. Unfortunately, I have not been in that car, but it can still come back to this topic. In my view, an advantage is German precision, security and heated seats."

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Asha Mandela Sets World Record For Longest Dreadlocks

Asha Mandela, 50 hair weighs about 39 pounds (17.7 kg) and 19 feet 6 inches long has set the new world record for longest dreadlocks.

The 50-year-old Atlanta resident has earned the name "the Black Rapunzel" because she holds the Guinness World Record for "World's Longest Dreadlocks," which she has owned since 2008.
Asha Mandela Sets World Record For Longest Dreadlocks

World Record For Longest Dreadlocks

Asha Mandela Sets World Record For Longest Dreadlocks

Legs or Hotdogs? Play the Summer Challenge

The 2013 summer guess game is here again. Can you guess if the picture is that of a pair of legs or a pair of hotdogs. Play! and enter your comment below.

 legs or Hotdogs? Play the Summer Challenge

Legs or Hotdogs?

The picture was published via Tumblr and tagged "Hot Dog Legs." It challenges you to guess if they are human legs, sausages or hot dogs legs. Not easy, is it?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Oops! Dress rips and Toni Braxton shows ass on Show

The audience at the concert of the R & B singer Toni Braxton at New Brunswick New Jersey got their money's worth as the 45 year old American singer's dress rips and she appeared naked on stage.
Dress rips and Toni Braxton shows ass on Show

Toni Braxton naked ass on Stage

Toni Braxton's dress was very short and looks torn as she danced and sang for nearly an entire song with the whole ass out. The Un-Break My Heart and Breathe Again singer performed in New Jersey, New York, on Saturday August 17 and eventually eliciting laughter from the audience.

Oga at the top saga video changed my life for ever

NSCDC’s Shem Obafaiye reveal how the video Oga at the top has changed his life dramatically.
Oga at the top saga video changed my life for ever

What is your opinion about the Channels Television interview that brought you instant fame?
I have nothing much to say other than to bless God for everything. I thank God for all that happened; I thank God for my boss, his support and love. He is a good boss and I appreciate him.
As far as I am concerned all things work well for those who love God and in all things, the Bible says we should praise God.  The people that thought they were going to ruin me did not know that they would end up in announcing my destiny.
In the history of humanity, there had never been any human being that had instant fame like I did especially in a case that was meant to end negatively.
My brother-in-law in London is even so excited about the incident that he promised to assist me make big money out of this supposed mess. He had already handed the matter to an agency over there to trade mark “Oga at the Top.” But I just asked him to forget it. There is no need for that.
Many of my classmates are in top positions in Nigeria currently, yet, they said I did not go to school. I can mention a lot of them here, including the Attorney General in Lagos State, Ipaye.
But why should I do all that. All the same, I give all the praise to God.
It was not the first interview I would be having with them (Channels TV). After that interview we shook hands and I even gave them my complimentary card. I could see that they were not really cheerful. If there was any effect, it was on them and not me. It was the same day I met with Governor Fashola of Lagos State.
Theirs took place in the morning and I met Governor Fashola later in the day. Some people believed they were up to something, but I did not know. I was only being careful with words as a security officer. We apply caution in all that we say and do. It was a live programme, the whole world was watching us, so, I did not want to be too free.
But like I said, I thank God for everything. I blame nobody for anything; I see everything as an act of God. They believe they would use it to destroy my destiny but God turned everything around for me, for the better.
How did your family take the development?
The day of the interview, 16th of March, 2013, was the day my father was buried. It was as if it was designed to destabilise me on the day of the burial of my father, but it was not so. It was three or four days after that they apologised and said it was not meant to embarrass me.
Channels felt bad because it backfired. Anybody that wants to go for an interview in Channels will be very sceptical now and henceforth. I just felt it was my time for divine announcement, so I did not take it the way they thought I would take it.
In fact, when I saw the T-shirt, I wanted to buy one. Some had thought that my transfer to Ibadan was a demotion, but they are wrong. It is not. They also claimed that my wife went to Channels over the issue. The question I asked was, to do what? She did not. The whole thing has only turned around to be God’s glory in my life.
What is your philosophy of life and how did it apply in the case of “My Oga at the Top” case?
My philosophy of life is to impact positively on this generation. I want to leave a legacy, a good and worthwhile legacy behind that will not make my family live or walk in fear when I am gone. I want to sustain my good name; and that is what I preach to my staff every day.
I tell them to be open-minded; be determined; do what you will do with your best ability whether people are there or not. Note that there are people watching you and your work will speak for you when you are not there. This is what I always tell them.
What is the lesson to be learnt in your “Oga at the Top” issue?
Everyone should identify a lesson out of the whole saga.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Beverly Osu BBA The Chase Top 5 Upset

Taking a look at what went on at the latest nominations for Big Brother Africa (BBA) The Chase over the weekend. BBA's top five nominations included Beverly, Cleo, Dillish, Elikem and Melvin. Where's Angelo Collins, Beverly's sex mate?

Beverly Osu  BBA The Chase Top 5 Upset

 Sunday 18th August 2013, the South African contestant was evicted from the competition. If you didn’t know about Beverly and Angelo’s relationship, where have you been? The names have become a household name in Africa after the duo released videos being fingered and having sex in the bathtub.

After the live eviction, all eyes were on the 21 year old Beverly. She cried under the sheets and is heartbroken, upset and devastated.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Death of the Blackberry: Decline, Sale

Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman stems from both his personal experiences and the era in which the playwright was bred. Instead of humbling its audience through the shock of recognition of technological advancement the RIM confers upon itself a blackdeath.

Death of the Blackberry

BlackBerry,according to Gartner report has on the world ranking of smartphone systems slipped to fourth place.The market share of Blackberry has almost halved within a year to just 2.7 percent.

The introduction of the new operating system Z10 and Q10 release has sold worse than analysts expected.

Increasingly population of business customers are opting for the iPhone or Android devices.The companies the Canadian Research in Motion underestimated.

Apparently Blackberry at this time is on the search for a buyer.On August 12 BlackBerry reported that a committee was established, which deals with potential sale or partnerships. Prem Watsa announced his resignation from the Board following that decision. The businessman from Toronto is the largest shareholder. Talks with Microsoft reportedly ended without success.The first BlackBerry in 1999.Three months ago, Blackberry was still worth $ 8.2 billion at the exchange. Meanwhile, there are less than six billion. The numbers are deteriorating rapidly. Is this the end of Blackberry. Has death finally come to the once addicted pinned trackball messaging device?

Woman castrated her husband because he cheated on her

The woman tied her husband to a bed and cut off his penis with a knife after he cheated on her. The incident occurred in the port city of Santos, 77 miles from Sao Paulo in Brazil. The husband, 28, was taken to a hospital for surgery. The doctors has concluded that there the organ cannot be reattached.
Woman castrated her husband because he cheated on her

The woman realized that her husband was cheating on her with another man, and didn't do anything. Days after, the woman told her husband she wanted to fulfill a sexual fantasy and to tie her husband to the bed. With the man tied hand and foot, the angry woman cuts his penis with a serrated knife in what other women has claimed was the best practice. Do you agree?

The woman was arrested and brought before the authorities, while the man is recovering from the loss in the hospital.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Duaba Serwa - Designer Fashion Label

Ghanaian designer Nelly Hagan Aboagye launched new 2013 collections for her fashion label Duaba Serwa. If you are interested and would love to get in contact with her or to put an order for any of her collections visit my fashion page for her website info or email her at

Duaba Serwa - Designer Fashion

Duaba Serwa Fashion

Duaba Serwa - Designer Fashion Label

Duaba Serwa best african fashion designer

ASUU strike a 'deprecable apothesis' 'maladorous excresence', 'crinkum crankum" says Obahiagbon

Hon Patrick Obahiagbon on the current ASUU strike issue battling higher institutions in the country
Hon Patrick Obahiagbon on the current ASUU strike

"This ASUU strike is a miasma of a deprecable apothesis of an hemorrhaging plutocracy, cascadinly oozing into a maladorous excresence of mobocracy.

With all tarmangant ossifying proclivities of a kakistocracy, our knowledgia centura is enveloped in a paraphlegic crinkum crankum. Therefore, ASUU, cest in dejavu, dejavu peret ologomabia.”

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Official Wedding Photos Of Sharon Adeleke, Davido's sister

Davido's sister Sharon and her husband Yomi Ademefun‘s got married today. Osas eye brings you the official traditional wedding pictures and the white wedding is set to take place in Miami on September 1st 2013.

Wedding Photos Of Sharon Adeleke

Photos Of Sharon Adeleke, Davido's sister

Toke makinwa at sharon's wedding

Pictures From Sharon Adeleke's and Yomi Wedding

Davido's sister's wedding pictures

Q&A: What's behind the ASUU University strike in Nigeria?

The ASUU University strike drags into its seventh week. The Federal Government of Nigeria and President Goodluck Jonathan has refused to fund the demands of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). With lecturers insisting they would not return to work unless the government agrees to implement all the content of a 2009 agreement both parties had, osas eye points to whats really behind the ASUU strike in Nigeria, the wins, losses and draws so far.
ASUU University strike in Nigeria
ASUU University strike in Nigeria? 
A week ago Governor Gabriel Suswam of Benue disclosed to news correspondents that the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Pius Anyim, will meet with the leadership of the Acadmic staff union of Universities, ASUU, to address the two remaining issues: earned allowance and general university funding for infrastructure development.

He said that after hours of deliberation behind closed doors, the meeting agreed on major issues except the two stated above.

“These are the outstanding issues, otherwise other issues have been agreed on and we believe that by next week we should be able to agree on all the issues and, probably, ASUU will call off the strike,’’ he stated in that report to the press.

Why is the Federal Government refusing to agree to the demands of ASUU? Do they value wasteful spending on creating more redundant committees and ministries to funding Education in Nigeria. Who's actually winning? 

“If you go into our universities you will agree with me that there are a lot of infrastructure deficit; so, we have agreed that all the funding agencies will meet with ASUU,” he said.

The most recent comment  by the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala has been rebuffed by Nigerians and members of ASUU. The minister said that the university lecturers demanded N92 billion as earned allowances in the 2009 agreement.
In a statement of response, the union said: “I want Nigerians to ask the minister where she got her figure of N92 billion from. There was never a time that ASUU made a demand that is up to N92 billion. I think the 92 billion Naira is just the imagination of the Minister of Finance and Co-ordinating Minister of the Economy.”

Dr. Ajiboye, Chairman University of Ibadan ASUU Chapter clarified the issue noting that the earned allowances jointly calculated with the Federal Government and ASUU in the 2009 agreement was N87 billion and it covers allowances for three and a half years for thousands of lecturers in Nigerian universities.

He said: “This is a government that signed an agreement with us on January 24, 2012 to the effect that they would inject N100 billion as funding into the universities in the first one month and that before the end of 2012, they would inject another N300 billion. The same government did not put down a kobo to any of these universities.

“So, it is a sad story that we are hearing now that the government cannot meet a demand of N87 billion whereas the government said that they would keep on putting N400 billion annually for three years consecutively to the tune of about N1.2 trillion. If the government is now saying it cannot meet N87billion, Nigerians should know that this is not a government that can be trusted for anything.

“The total amount of earned allowances for academic staff in Nigerian universities for the three and a half years computed together with the government was N87 billion. And that was agreed based on negotiations because we started from N127billion and it was reduced to N107 billion before we now got to 15 percent of salary payment of each person. It is called earned allowances and it is the sum total of the excess work which academic staff had done for the past three and a half years. You are now telling Nigerians that this is what these people are asking for as if it’s a new thing. Nigerians should know that it is what the people have worked for and not N92 billion. It is fallacy and what these people (federal government) are just pushing is propaganda.”

Prof David-West, a former minister of petroleum lashed out that any government, which fails to invest in education is a vagabond government.

He said: “Any government that fails to invest in education is a vagabond government. The problem with Nigeria is that we have more thieves than saints in government. We drill over two million barrels of crude oil per day. Why should we be poor?

“ASUU is saying that the government should spend the money to improve the quality of education for our children and those yet unborn. The same government that does not have money for education budgeted N1 billion each to feed the President and the Vice President for just a year. Are they eating rock in Aso Rock? If you went to school without shoes, ensure that your children have shoes. Good parents pray that their children must be better than them.”
This is turning into a blame game. The situation has taken too long. It's a shame that this strike has dragged on too long. How can you fix education in Nigeria when the people in power don't even believe in it. 

Finding Successors to Fasholas, Amaechis, Oshiomholes and Chimes

By most accounts, finding a successor to political offices in Nigeria has become an issue in running for elections in Nigeria. Osas eye brings you a video that talks about about ineffectual justice systems in Nigeria, corruption and how to find a successor like the Fasholas, Amaechis and Chimes.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nigeria's Next Hot Music Producer Ebony “Wondagirl” Oshunrinde

Producers have always played a crucial role in the music industry but at just 16 years-old, Canadian-Nigerian producer Ebony “Wondagirl” Oshunrinde is already making a name for herself as Nigeria's Next Hot Music Producer. The 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' Producer is currently working on a beat for Drake. She is the youngest female producers to have a credit on a platinum-selling hip-hop album. 
Nigeria's Next Hot Music Producer Ebony “Wondagirl” Oshunrinde
Nigeria's Producer Ebony “Wondagirl” Oshunrinde

“I made a beat one day and I emailed it to Travi$ Scott and he said he was going to add some stuff to it,” recalls Oshunrinde. “But when he was in the studio with Jay Z, he showed it to him and Jay liked it.” It was this beat, which samples reggae artistSizzla’s “Solid As a Rock,” that became the backbone of “Crown.”
“I notice that a lot of people will go on my Twitter and say ‘Wow I really respect her because she is a female.’ Before all of the beat battle stuff I thought there were a lot of female producers. Now that I am in the industry I see that there are none. It would be great to see more females in the game. You are never too young to just do it."

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I came across this today and decided to share it with my readers. The idea is brilliant and the execution is great.
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Afrocandy: Destructive Instincts now on DVD

Buy Afrocandy Destructive Instincts Collection on DVD. Judith Opara who calls herself AfroCandy, has decided to release her controversial X-rated movie in Nigeria.

 Afrocandy: Destructive Instincts now on DVD

 She posted this on her Facebook wall: “At last, I have won the battle! Destructive Instinct is finally out after all they did to stop me. God has shown them he is the only one that holds my destiny, my all and all, the King of the universe, the I am that I am, the unchangeable changer, ancient of days, King of Kings and the Lord of Lords! Yes, sir! Thank you, three persons in one God! They proposed for me but my creator disposed. So how do you all like me now? Thanks to all my fans that made their orders and had the patience to wait, you are all wonderful. You can now receive your DVDs and shame on all dem people that wagged their dirty, stinky mouths to say my movie will never see the light of the day. Ha ha ha! I bet ya’all gonna go drink rat poison now and die. FYI, you ain’t seen nothing yet! DVDs will be available in stores now! Go grab your copies Asap!”

African Oscars 2013 Nominees: Complete list

See the list of Oscar nominees for the 2013 African Awards. The nominees for the third annual African ‘Oscars’ organised by Nollywood and African Film Critics, USA Washington DC has been released with Omotola Jolade Ekeinde, Genevieve Nnaji, Monilsa Chinda and Uche Jumbo Rodriguez among A-rated Nigerian actresses nominated in various categories of the awards.

African Oscars 2013 Nominees: Complete list

Organisers say the ceremony will hold on the 14th of September 2013 at Warner Theatre and will air worldwide with over 500 Million viewers expected to tune into the NAFC Awards Night.

Full list of nominees from The 3rd African Oscars


Best film in Diaspora

1. Le Silence Pure

2. Page 36

3. One Night in Vegas

4. Boys Cry

5. Unguarded

Best Drama Diaspora Film

1. Turning Point

2. Page 36

3. Boys Cry

4. Unguarded

5. One Night in Vegas

Best Screenplay Diaspora Film

1. Turning Point

2. Page 36

3. One Night in Vegas

4. Boys Cry

5. Unguarded

Best Cinematography Diaspora Film

1. Turning Point

2. Page 36

3. One Night in Vegas

4. Black Money

5. Le Silence Pure

Best Actor in leading role Diaspora Film

1. Igoni Archibong-Turning Point

2. Pascal Atuma- Secret Past

3. Egbi Perez-Page 36

4. Montel Swaray-Temperamental

5. John Dumelo – One Night in Vegas

Best Actress in leading role Diaspora

1. Yvonne Nelson –One Night in Vegas

2. Jackie Appiah-Turning Point

3. Uche Jombo- Unguarded

4. Marie Solo Peters– Le Silence Pure

5. Fatima Koroma – Nurses from Hell

Best Actor in Supporting role Diaspora Film

1. Ernie Hudson- Turning Point

2. Jimmy Jean Louis-One Night in Vegas

3. Ash Da Vito-African Connection

4. Van Vicker – One Night in Vegas

5. Michael Blackson- One Night in Vegas

Best Actress in supporting role Diaspora Film

1. Merlisa Langellier -Page 36

2. KD Hubert-Turning Point

3. Sarodj Bertin–One Night in Vegas

4. Gloria Washington- Nurses From Hell

5. Chisom Oz Lee – Unguarded

Best Director in Diaspora Film

1. Mitchel A Jones–Boys Cry

2. John Uche-One Night In Vegas

3. Robert Peters– Le Silence Pure

4. Don Okolo-Page 36

5. Bethels Aguomoh-Ungurded


Favorite Actor

Benedict Johnson

·2. Joseph Benjamin

·3. Majid Michel

·4. Emmanuel Mensah

· 5. Chamberlyne Okoro

Favorite Actress

·1. Ify Hollywood

· 2. Omotola Ekehinde

· 3. Fatima Jabbe

· 4. Monalisa Chinda

· 5. Queen Amina

Favorite Director

·1. Kunle Afolayan

· 2. Prinze Whyee

· 3. Ibrahim Ceesay

· 4. Pascal Amanfo

· 5. Kathryn Fasegha

Favorite Screenwriter

·1. Emem Isong

· 2. Andrew Campbell

· 3. Pascal Amanfo

Best Actor in leading Role

1. Majid Michel – The Price

2. Ramsey Nouah-Weekend Getaway

3. Adjetey Anang – The Hunters

4. Jim Iyke-Blood or Wine

5. Anurin Nwunembom-Ninah’s Diary

Best Actress in leading role

1. Beverly Naya-Alan Poza

2. Jackie Appiah-The Hunters

3. Iretiola Doyle– Torn

4. Mbufung Seikeh-Ninah’s Diary

5. Genevieve Nnaji-Weekend Getaway

Best Actor in Supporting role

1. Adjetey Annang-Letters to My Mother

2. Eddie Watson-Letters to My Mother

3. John Ijie-The Hands of Fate

4. Kofi Adjorlolo-The Price

5. Uti Nwachkwu-Weekend Getaway

Best Actress in supporting role

1. Kalsume Sinare-The Price

2. Patience Ozokwor – American Mama

3. Ini Edo-Weekend Getaway

4. Beverly Naya-Weekend Getaway

5. Monalisa Chinda-Weekend Getaway

Best Child Actor in a Film

1. Oley Saidykhan -The Hands of Fate

2. Elijah Kondeh-Boys Cry

3. Boakai Kimbo-Boys Cry

4. Ceareh Hamilton–Boys Cry

5. Marisha Nayee-Angel & the Mailman

Best Director in a Film

1. Charles Novia-Alan Poza

2. Pascal Amanfo- Letters to My Mother

3. Tom Robson-Mrs. Somebody

4. Desmond Elliot –Weekend Getaway

5. Victor Viyuoh-Ninah’s Dowry

Favorite Male Artiste Diaspora

· 1. Koby Maxwell

· 2. Sky J

· 3. Dacapo

Favorite Female Artiste Diaspora

· 1. Katumbella

· 2. Twissa

· 3. Soleil Diva

·4. Uba Unwudiwe

Favorite Artiste of the Year

1. Yemi Sax

· 2. 2Face Idibia

· 3. P Square

Favorite Song of the Year

·1. Flavour

·2. 2 Face Idibia

Favorite Video of the Year

·1. Timaya

·2. P Square

·3. Flavour


Best Film

1. Alan Poza

2. Ninah’s Dowry

3. Weekend Getaway

4. One Night in Vegas

5. Le Silence Pure

Best Indigenous Film

1. The Blessed Curse

2. The Hands of Fate

3. Le Silence Pure

4. Deceit of the gods

Best Drama

1. Alan Poza

2. The Hunters

3. Le Silence Pure

4. Weekend Getaway

5. Ninah’s Dowry

Best Comedy

1. Alan Poza

2. Mrs. Somebody

3. American Mama

4. Wife for Ozobia

5. Unguarded

Best Docu-Drama

1. A Wish-Brest Cancer

2. The Hand of Fate- HIV

3. Boys Cry-Bullying

4. Ninah’s Dowry-Dowry

5. Le Silence Pure

BestTV/Online Series

1. Wife for Ozobio

2. African Connection

3. Adams Apples

Best Short Film / Trailer

1. Fetus

2. Unspoken

3. Hungry For You Honey

4. Five

Best Cinematography

1. A Wish

2. Alan Poza

3. Ninah’s Dowry

4. Weekend Getaway

5. One Night in Vegas

Best Screenplay

1. Letters to My Mother

2. Boys Cry

3. Alan Poza

4. Ninah’s Dowry

5. One Night in Vegas

Best Editing

1. Weekend Getaway

2. Alan Poza

3. Ninah’s Dowry

4. One Night in Vegas

5. Boys Cry

Best Sound

1. Page 36

2. Ninah’s Dowry

3. Turning Point

4. One Night in Vegas

5. Boys Cry

Best Original Score

1. America the True Dream-The Fetus

2. Crazy World-Somewhere in Baltimore

3. Zahara Loliwe-Pink Poison

4. False Engagement-False Engagement

5. Pariwo-Mind of the Enemy

Best Visual Effects

1. The Blessed Curse

2. One Night in Vegas

3. The Hunters

4. Temperamental

5. The Fetus

Best Costume

1. The Price

2. Unguarded

3. Page 36

4. African Connection

5. Le Silence Pure

Best Makeup

1. The Blessed Curse

2. The Fetus

3. Temperamental

4. Ninah’s Dowry

5. The Price

Ghanaian model Vanessa Agyemang covers Zen Magazine

Vanessa Agyemang is 2013′s Top Model of Colour winner and she joins the ranks of other top Ghanaian models who have won the crown before he covers Zen Magazine. 
 Vanessa Agyemang covers Zen Magazine

The makeup is done by Imelda Ladebo and Photographed by Ty Faruki. The Ghanaian high fashion model is the August Covergirl of Zen Magazine. The shoot was organized by our fabulous friends at Shugakane owned by model and entrepreneur Bili Sule and the theme of the shoot was based on a celebration of colour and culture